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Birthdate:Jul 4
Location:United States of America

I seem to be able to jump into things I have no experience with and make good just by being
methodical, determined and hard working.
- Jamie Hyneman

I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.
- Thomas Jefferson

Every day I make an effort to go toward what I don't understand. This wandering leads
to the accidental learning that continually shapes my life.
—Yo-Yo Ma

Interests (113):

18th century italian artsongs, accretion, admiring taylor mali, ansel adams winter photographs, antique sterling compacts, appreciating antique architecture, attempting fearlessness, avoiding talk on corners, beatles worship, being better not bitter, belting broadway showtunes, bioluminescent beings, boomdiata, camping with loved ones, caring like mr. rogers, celebrating real beauty, chasing home, christmas lights in snow, church of oblate spheroid, collected wisdom of others, compulsive revision, daviding, debating issues not people, dissonant suspensions, diving into autumn leaves, dodging black holes, doing yoga by candlelight, ducking fantasy chasers, eating macintosh apples, economy of joy, efferent living, emulating audrey, emulating eleanor roosevelt, engineer-types, escaping maggie the cat, escribitionistic blatherings, eudaimonic well being, exuberance is beauty, filling emptiness with creation, finding new cheese, fireworks reflected in water, frozen girlscout cookies, gardens of grief, giada de laurentiis' enthusiasm, giving continuous partial attention, going to stadium games, goofy soccer tanlines, guitar with my dad, hair-whipping winds, high-speed camera footage, imaginative learning, kissing on porch swings, kitchen ceilidhs, know-think-choose-do, little house love moments, living as stargirl, living upto constitutional ideals, looking for the helpers, loving like mr. rogers, lush curves, maintaining proper perspective, mathematical certainties, mixed-race/religion/culture couples, mourning rings, musical dinner theater, nebulosity around the pleiades, niagara gorge in autumn, offhand glassblowing, other people’s socks, other people’s stories, passiveaggressive policy protest, people who fix stuff, peridot in white gold, personal waldens, piano with my mom, piping hot spearmint tea, playing encore, pollyanna philosophy, raising monarch butterflies, random tinkering, reading novels in hammocks, reading orson scott card, recovered joy, reflective voiceovers, remembering kitty genovese, russian blue polydactyls, sarah ’sass’ vaughan, scented white candles, sciolistic musings, seeing through jolene, shower eyes, singing harmony and counterpoint, singing o holy night, soaking in wonder, star-free bellies, steinway concert baby grands, sunlight on bare feet, sunlight on my eyelids, surviving the after, the revision fairy, the scent/taste of cinnamon, the scent/taste/look/feel of water, the sparkle of diamonds, thursday cars, touring abandoned buildings, treadmill daydreaming, tree caves, unshuttered windows, viewing backlit stained glass, vintage/retro/antique anything, walden-esque retreats, wanting to stay, wii therapy
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